okay not to be is a Bay Area publication highlighting the realities of living with depression and/or anxiety.



If you have submitted work, you will receive an email in September 2020 letting you know if you'll be included.

Volume 2 to be released Fall  2020.

Questions/inquires can be directed via email by clicking the button below.


Please read the full FAQ before emailing with questions.


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Q: What kinds of stories are you specifically looking for?

Every kind! I do not want to quantify anyone's experience with depression or anxiety. If you've experienced it, you know. 

This is not a competition to see whose story is saddest; whose depression is most severe; who’s struggle is deepest. Rather, it is a place for artists and writers to gather to tell their stories of living with it all - no matter the severity. Keep in mind that talking about depression does not always have to be depressing - humorous or lighthearted entries are just as welcome as sensitive and raw ones.

Q: What is the word limit on written stories?

Please try to keep written submissions under 1,500 words - there is no minimum. 


Q: What kind of visual art you looking for?

Every kind! Drawings, comics, photography; even paintings are welcome if you're able to take a high-quality, publishable photo of your piece. There are no limitations - if you have questions about your art form, feel free to email me.


Q: Can I submit something that's already been published elsewhere?

Yes - as long as that publication will allow it and does not have any copyrights on it.


Q: How many pieces can I submit?

You may submit a maximum of TWO pieces. Please try to submit them at the same time when possible. Your submissions do not both have to be in the same genre. For example, you could submit one poem and one drawing, two poems, two drawings, etc. If you submit more than two pieces only the first two will be considered.


Q: Will I get paid?

Unfortunately, probably not. My intention with the first volume was to pay writers and artists if I made a profit. I ended up breaking even and not being able to pay the contributors. Given the current economy (aka the pandemic) I don’t anticipate having the funds to print this zine and pay contributors. I value all of the work submitted and printed in this zine, and I hope to one day be able to pay the artists and writers who appear in it.

Every contributor will receive a free copy of the zine!


Q: You didn't answer my question.

Well that's not really a question, but if there is something I haven't addressed here, you may email me at: